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Veronica Coelho

Veronica is Companions Forever’s Client Relations Specialist for Elderly in Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, New Britain, and Hartford areas. She has been with us since the start and is an expert on Elderly Home Care. You can usually see Vero and her kids at local Wethersfield events!

She also speaks 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) and is knowledgeable on state programs. Veronica makes regular house visits to clients, ensuring that each senior’s plan of care is up to date with their needs. 

Veronica brings sincerity, warmth, and fun to the seniors she interacts it with every single day. Vero is committed to meeting the needs of seniors. In Addition, she works with our Human Resources to find the perfect caregiver for each senior.  Veronica’s team member is Jaishaly, she helps Veronica coordinate all of the seniors under her care. 

From the very first service inquiry to monthly home visits–Veronica is here for seniors and their loved ones with a smile on her face.

 We are YourSeniorCareService.com! 

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Our 4-Step Process for Elderly Home Care 

Step 1: Home Visit

Veronica will schedule a home visit to answer all of your questions and explain in more depth about our in-home care services. Also, Veronica’s 5+ years of experience assessing and managing the needs of the elderly allow her home visits to be informative and enlightening. In addition, Veronica brings warmth and a sense of relief to those nervous about aging or getting senior home care.

Elderly Plan of Care - YourSeniorCareService.com

Step 2: Individualized Plan of Care

What is a plan of care? A plan of care is a detailed report containing information about the senior. Specifically detailing their schedule, services needed, their dietary requirements, and their favorite shows and hobbies. As a result, our caregivers provide a personalized and high-quality care experience for the senior and their loved ones. In addition, Veronica makes regular home visits to re-assess the needs of the elderly and update the plan of care as need. Also, YourSeniorCareService.com makes the plan of care and daily journal entries written by Veronica and the caregiver available to you on our mobile app so you can feel confident that your loved ones needs are being met.

Carefully Matched Elderly CaregiversStep 3: Carefully Matched Caregivers

Veronica works closely with our Human Resources department to find the right caregiver for each senior. Furthermore, our caregivers go through an extensive background screening before any caregiving is provided. This allows us to prepare our caregivers and have them tag along with Veronica to a Meet and Greet with make sure the caregiver is a perfect match for your needs. A carefully matched caregiver makes the most out of elderly home care.

Ongoing Elderly Care SupportStep 4: Ongoing Support

Companions Forever provides ongoing support to all of the seniors and their loved ones under our care. We believe in transparency and our committed to giving the elderly a happy aging experience at home. In particular, our mobile app allows you to keep up to date in real time with the care provided at home and Veronica is always communicating with all parties involved to ensure that your needs are being met. In addition, you can text, call, or email our 24/7 line at anytime and someone will be available to assist you. Whether you have a question or something has happened, the Companions Forever team is here for you.

 Wethersfield, New Britain, & Hartford

Companionship – Homemaking – Personalized Care Planning -Respite 

Reviews from Veronica’s Seniors:

“I am very happy with staff and my caregivers. I have been working with Veronica as my Client Relations and I have her trust. Beatriz and Liliana are the best they , know what to do and keep me happy.” – Juana

“For the last three years companion have been helping me with taking care of my mom. The employees and the care are excellent. They have been very helpful in transitioning my mom who is bed bound, I wasn’t even sure on where to start when i first brought her to my home. They gave me a confidence and the security that my mom is going to be well taken care of while im at work. I would recommend companions to all my friends and family, as I consider them part my family. In behalf of my mom and i, i would like to Thank all the staff.” – Haydee

“My caregivers are prompt! They know their job and do it with diligence. I am extremely happy with both Angalee and Carmen.” – David

Companions Forever has been a god send to me. I have been a long time client of Companions Forever; I have peace of mind knowing that my grandma is being taken care with such patience and love. Maritza is very gracious and kind and patient with my grandma! I love her so much. She is not just my grandma care provider she like my sister.

The agency works diligently in providing exceptional care for my grandma. My grandma is set in her ways and she loves that Maritza respects her way – what I like to call my grandma sassiness. The agency works directly with me to find coverage in the event that Maritza can’t make it in.

They make sure that all my questions and concerns are taken seriously. They have what I call GREAT bedside manners. They even made sure they were there when we had bad weather (snow) back in the winter.
The aids leave very detailed notes so I could see how my grandma’s days were! If I ever need an aid for another family member, I know who to call immediately!

I can honestly say that I am very grateful, appreciative with the love and care that not only Maritza provides my grandma but the agency as well.

Companions Forever provides my grandma with such wonderful care, friendship and comfort our family will always be thankful!” – Loyda 

Our people are local, and our elderly care services are built around your lives. Veronica and the rest of our team are always available to chat and visit the seniors we care for. 

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