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Gus and Chopper:

A Day in the Life of Two Seniors 

Gus and Chopper are both seniors. One is a man and the other is a french bulldog. They are each other’s companions and spend their days together going out around town, picking up the grandkids, and playing together. Pets are wonderful for seniors, they bring a new purpose and investment to their lives and provide genuine companionship. Gus and Chopper have been buddies for years and they both live comfortably and happy at home. 

Chopper is a good dog. He’s friendly and loves Gus. He also loves treats but that’s a story for another time. Chopper is always following Gus around, he makes sure Gus is safe and happy. He really isn’t a guard dog, more of a buddy that will do anything for you and that’s exactly what Gus needs. 

Gus is a family man. He lives with his son and grandchildren. With the grandkids getting older and his son running a business, Gus needed a companion like Chopper to spend the days with. Gus loves Chopper and makes sure he is fed and happy. 

They are a good team, they pick up the grandkids from school, they take walks, they play, and they relax on the couch together. 

There are many benefits for the elderly to have pets in their lives. Household pets like dogs, cats, birds, and even bunnies are incredibly beneficial to a senior needing companionship and an improved outlook on life. Some seniors may be allergic to pets or unable to care for one but would still like that companionship and experience they would get with a pet. PARO Therapy robots are a popular product for the elderly, they behave like real animals and provide therapeutic benefits like reduced stress and improved socialization

Every morning, Chopper wakes Gus up with barks and snuggles. Twice a week in the mornings Gus plays Tennis and Chopper tags along. Chopper loves watching the tennis ball go back and forth! It’s one of his favorite toys! After some tennis, the two go home and relax before picking up the grandkids from school. 

When the family gets together for dinner, Chopper is right there next to Gus (probably hoping for a piece of food)! Gus and Chopper are best buds and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Chopper is Gus’ sidekick and his partner in crime and Gus means the world to Chopper

Pets for Seniors is something that Companions Forever as a senior home care agency supports 100 percent. We believe that seniors can live comfortably at home with the assistance of our caregivers and the company of a loved pet. Our caregivers are pet-friendly and can help you with chores around the house to make every day a bit easier and more relaxed. 


Learn more about how pets and caregivers can keep seniors independent and happy at home.