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Booking Eligibility 

All caregivers and or applicants are screened before their booking is confirmed. All potential caregivers must go through an application process, verification of identity, licensing validation, and reference checks. Phone screenings may be used to further confirm your booking. Once your application process has been completed and confirmed to obtain the booking, you will be prompted to fill out employment papers for our affiliate Companions Forever LLC and will be provided with a uniform and the tools to service your client.

How Case Bookings Work

Cases are updated frequently throughout the day. Some cases that you would like to book may have been booked already. Rosa has a 24-hour window in each case we offer — meaning there is a 24hour period where the case may be booked but is displayed as opened. Booking eligibility may take up to 24 hours which is the reason for this 24-hour window. We may offer you a similar case if this happens.

Privacy Policy & Protection of your Information

All information submitted will be collected for operational and or marketing purposes for Rosa, an affiliate of
Companions Forever LLC. All information submitted will be stored for future purposes whether it be to offer you more cases, to send emails or SMS messages, or to verify information. If you do not wish for your information to be stored please email [email protected]