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Darlene Perez

Darlene is our Client Relations in the Greater Hartford area. Hailing from Connecticut Community Care, Darlene brings years of experience to Companions Forever. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the daily care of the elderly. The seniors under Darlene’s care experience well-rounded care services with a perfectly matched caregiver. Darlene is bilingual speaking both English and Spanish fluently. 

Darlene is compassionate and understanding of the elderly she cares for; she brings a brightness to their lives and is an excellent listener to their needs. She also works closely with the family and our HR department to make sure the seniors under care are recieving services tailored to their needs. 

Companions Forever has recently been awarded the ability to provide home care services to adults UNDER the age of 65. Darlene is our expert when it comes to home care for people under the age of 65. Contact her today to learn more. 

Contact Darlene today if you are looking for elderly home care services in the Greater Hartford area! 

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Our 4-Step Process for Elderly Home Care 

Step 1: Home Visit

Darlene will schedule a home visit to answer all of your questions and explain in more depth about our in-home care services. Also, Darlene’s 10+ years of experience assessing and managing the needs of the elderly allow her home visits to be informative and enlightening. In addition, Darlene brings warmth and a sense of relief to those nervous about aging or getting senior home care.

Elderly Plan of Care - YourSeniorCareService.com

Step 2: Individualized Plan of Care

What is a plan of care? A plan of care is a detailed report containing information about the senior. Specifically detailing their schedule, services needed, their dietary requirements, and their favorite shows and hobbies. As a result, our caregivers provide a personalized and high-quality care experience for the senior and their loved ones. In addition, Darlene makes regular home visits to re-assess the needs of the elderly and update the plan of care as need. Also, YourSeniorCareService.com makes the plan of care and daily journal entries written by Darlene and the caregiver available to you on our mobile app so you can feel confident that your loved ones needs are being met.

Carefully Matched Elderly CaregiversStep 3: Carefully Matched Caregivers

Darlene works closely with our Human Resources department to find the right caregiver for each senior. Furthermore, our caregivers go through an extensive background screening before any caregiving is provided. This allows us to prepare our caregivers and have them tag along with Darlene to a Meet and Greet with make sure the caregiver is a perfect match for your needs. A carefully matched caregiver makes the most out of elderly home care.

Ongoing Elderly Care SupportStep 4: Ongoing Support

Companions Forever provides ongoing support to all of the seniors and their loved ones under our care. We believe in transparency and our committed to giving the elderly a happy aging experience at home. In particular, our mobile app allows you to keep up to date in real time with the care provided at home and Darlene is always communicating with all parties involved to ensure that your needs are being met. In addition, you can text, call, or email our 24/7 line at anytime and someone will be available to assist you. Whether you have a question or something has happened, the Companions Forever team is here for you.

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Our people are local, and our elderly care services are built around your lives. Darlene and the rest of our team are always available to chat and visit the seniors we care for. 

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