• Any Questions? Call Us:1-860-524-8550

Companions Forever Employee Reminders

Call Outs:

  • Call outs MUST be called into the office, NO TEXT OUTS will not be allowed! Please call (860) 874-3334 if outside of office hours. You must speak to a Companions Forever Supervisor so we can coordinate finding coverage!
  • All call outs are considered inexcusable unless a Human Resources deems otherwise and will be subject to a Written Warning!


  • You must attend your shift at all times. If public transportation is not available then your shift is canceled/postponed. Please call the office for any questions.

Client Emergency:

  • If your client is having an emergency please call 911. If your client has a Life Line Alert, please hit the Life Line button.
  • You must call the office immediately at (860) 874-­‐3334 to inform any supervisor if there is any type of emergency.
  • If the client’s family calls you and informs you that the client is in the hospital do NOT assume the office knows, please call us and inform us as well.
  • If your client is not feeling well but does not want to see doctor or call 911, you
    must notify us immediately as well.
  • If the client or client’s family calls you to resume services, you MUST notify the office so that services can be approved before servicing client.

Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday 

9 am – 5 pm 

(Closed on most Holidays) 

  • During office hours, you should contact the office number 860-­‐524-­‐8550 for all questions or concerns.
  • If you need to call the Emergency Line after hours, you are to call once and leave
    a detailed message. If your call is a true emergency you will get a call back immediately. 24/7 860-874-3334.
  • Please keep in mind that text messaging is to be used for non-­‐important issues. If you need to discuss something about your client or an important issue you must call the office.

Financial Transaction Records:

  • Anytime you go shopping on behalf of your client, you MUST fill out a Financial Transaction record. This record can be found in the back of your binder of in the office. Financial Transaction Record must be submitted once a month to the office. Along with a copy of all receipts.
  • If you go shopping on behalf of your client, you CANNOT use a Bank Card as debit. You may NOT have any codes for bank cards. You are ONLY allowed to use the Pin Code for their EBT Cards but you must still fill out a Financial Transaction Record, and ask the client to change Pin Code after the exchange.
  • You may NOT access your clients’ purse/ wallet to remove money for grocery shopping. Only the client is able to do so.

Medical Appointments:

  • Please contact the office to request approval to take a client to the doctor, please be prepared to provide the appointment date, time, location and what type of transportation is needed. Please remember not all clients are approved for transportation and office approval is required.
  • Please ensure that you enter in Medical Appointment task (#27) on Client’s phone or FVV device.


  1.  DO NOT leave client unattended.
  2. DO NOT conflict personal and client schedule.
  3. NOTIFY office when the client goes to the hospital.
  4. DO NOT pressure the client to call the office or Human Resources.
  5. DO NOT leave shift without proper authorization.
  6. DO NOT give a cell phone to the client.
  7. DO NOT assume your shift is canceled because of weather.
  8. DO NOT solicit clients.


  1. Professionalism—My clients see me as a true professional because I wear my uniform and badge to each and every shift.

  2. Consistency—I always follow the care plan with exactness and give each client the same high level of care they deserve.

  3. Integrity—I am always on time, and my clients never question my honesty and reliability.

  4. Compassion—I always put my client’s interests above my own and ensure they feel my compassion in all my interactions with them.

  5. Quality Training—I always seek after knowledge & training that promotes confidence with the clients of Companions Forever.

  6. Safety – I ensure each and every client’s safety comes first in every duty perform, and I follow the Safety Guidelines as outlined in my training manual.