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WE ONLY ACCEPT AUTOMATED PHONE SYSTEM HOURS AND TASKS. Our office will no longer be accepting faxing, emailing or texting of activity sheets. Per our company manual and your new hire training, you agreed to abide by our payroll policies. Understand Companions Forever is your employer.

You must log all your hours and tasks into the automated phone system every single shift to ensure payroll can input your paycheck. ALL hours and tasks must be recorded into the automated phone system.

Please note that the automated phone system is a contract between the Client and our organization.

Your automated phone system log needs to be complete and accurate of the services rendered. You must call the automated phone system at the beginning and end of every shift

Your automated phone system log should reflect approved hours only, anything different requires you to contact the office immediately.

There can’t be any error in your automated phone system log, as they will be rejected and will have to be corrected by the office. Your log should always reflect approved hours only. If you’re not sure about the schedule please refer to your client sheet or contact your supervisor.

The Caregiver’s automated phone system log will now be processed by Quality Control (QC) before going to Payroll. Quality Control will review all clock in and clock out times, along with the total amount of tasks completed and their task I.D. — this ensures that they have been logged correctly.

If there are any errors, Quality Control will contact you before Tuesday 12 pm.

If you do not log your hours and tasks timely and correctly, you will not be paid accordingly.


Per our company manual, we will be enforcing the following disciplinary actions for failure to provide to use the automated phone system in a timely and correct fashion. All employees during training with clients signed and agreed to abide by these policies.

It is very important that you completely understand how to correctly use the Automated Phone System.

Automated Phone System Training Video

If you have any questions please call the office at

860-524-8550 or email [email protected]