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Companions Forever’s story begins with our founder and CEO ten years ago. Cesar Caceres moved his grandmother into his home to take care of her. Together, along with his young family, they spent time with one another. Reminiscing about old times, shopping together and eating together as a family. Cesar’s family began to grow and he knew that he would need to find help in taking care of his grandmother.


Cesar started to look into senior home care services around Connecticut and wasn’t having any luck or reassurance in the agencies he was looking into. His grandmother needed assistance in daily activities like meal preparation and transportation to appointments. Cesar found some services that would help his grandmother but after a few poor experiences, he decided to find help another way. 

Cesar’s grandmother, the inspiration for Companions Forever. It is a mural in our new offices located in Newington.


Through his experience, Cesar learned what was really important when getting outside help for a loved one. He learned that companionship and keeping a loved one’s dignity were the two most important things someone needs from outside help; a caregiver that was trustworthy, experienced, and a good listener. He also knew that good communication between the agencies and clients was also crucial to getting the most out of senior home care. 


Companions Forever were founded on Cesar’s personal experiences with his grandmother. Cesar would say the greatest gift his grandmother ever gave him was knowing that he could help others the way he helped her. 


Companions Forever – Your Senior Care Service is the outcome of that gift. 


Over the years, Companions Forever has grown to be one of the most trusted senior care agencies in Connecticut. Our services keep loved ones at home longer with the assistance of trained, experienced, and compassionate caregivers. Each and every employee is committed to bringing you peace of mind while keeping your loved ones at home with dignity and companionship. 



Founder and CEO,




Cesar Caceres